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14 Amazing Email Subject Lines to Stand Out This Holiday Season

How many emails do consumers get over the holiday period? How many advertisements do you see around Christmas time? Your aim is to obviously make your emails stand out in the inbox and the best way you can do that is by having a great subject line!

Here I’m going to give you a few pointers and 14 subject lines, to make sure your customers are excited as this guy is for holiday season.

You send the email, it’s patiently sitting in the inbox and you want it to stand out like a Christmas Tree in July. The best way to do this is to create a sense of urgency and also relate it to the time of year. Here are some keywords to use at Christmas time

  • Gift
  • Last Chance
  • Final
  • Sale
  • Deal
  • One-off
  • Offer
  • Christmas
  • Holiday
  • Discount
  • Special
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Sale

Combining a couple of these as part of a subject line can really make it pop. If you are feeling really adventurous throw in a Snowman Emoji ⛄ or two ⛄⛄. Many major email systems support this feature now, but Affiliate Income Blog says the jury is still out on their effectiveness. If you think your audience will respond well to an emoji, go for it!

A Few Other Pointers to Make Sure People Open Those Emails

Use Pronouns
Using words like ‘We’ or ‘You’ give the email a personal touch and are more likely to get the customer to click. We all want to feel like we are interacting with a person not a company.

Don’t Lie
If you email says “One-Off Discount Only Available on Thanksgiving!”, then make sure in the body of the email there is a reference to a special discount or something similar. Customers don’t want to be baited into clicking an email, only to not get the present they were hoping for. This won’t be great for brand loyalty.

Add the Offer in the Subject Line
If you have something to offer, don’t hide it away in the email. Make sure you have it in the subject line as unfortunately emails are nearly always judged by their cover.

14 Subject Lines Santa Himself Would Be Proud Of:

  1. This Is What Everyone’s Going Turkey About
  2. If You Open One Email This Black Friday…
  3. Santa Is Running Low on These Items
  4. Our Special Discount for Those Special to You
  5. The Turkey’s Gone, It’s Time to Shop!
  6. The Best Deal You’ll Find on Cyber Monday
  7. It’s OK to have seconds (or thirds) of this sale
  8. Our Ultimate Gift Guide for the Holidays
  9. Gobble Up These Deals!
  10. 8 Awesome Gift Ideas
  11. Last Chance to Notify the Elves
  12. A Free Holiday Gift Just for Our Favourite Customers
  13. This Is What She Really Wants for Christmas
  14. Christmas Came Early with This Offer…

I hope this crash course in Email Subject Lines helps you have a bumper holiday season. Please share your experiences with us.

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